Bulletin #4. Chance and control. Photography, video and the web. Part I
01 If something eludes us
02 Video-photographic devices

Since the coming of image technologies (and particularly with photography, video, and the Web) contemporary culture has lost control over images, which became more and more independent from their author. Luca Panaro formulates his thesis by reinterpreting the works of theorists (Susan Sontag, Walter Benjamin, Vilém Flusser), writers (Luigi Pirandello, Italo Calvino, Penelope Lively), even film directors (Buster Keaton, Michelangelo Antonioni, Wayne Wang), and finally contemporary artists (Franco Vaccari, Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno, Wolfgang Staehle, Roberto Cuoghi, Carlo Zanni, Eva and Franco Mattes).

Translation by Tim Cooper from the 1st Italian edition: Luca Panaro, Casualità e controllo. Fotografia, video e web, Postmedia books, 2014.