Collection: Howie Chen

Dream Feed

Blueprint. Bodies. Tennis. Clock. Air. Surgery. Windmill. Accused. Ronin. Bread.

Collection: Marina Vishmidt & Anthony Iles

Laughing in Dark Times

Here is a best-of digital objects list that aims to be useful, entertaining and unsettling, if perhaps as haphazard as any 10 things pulled off the internet would be. We have combined both the substantial or regular — books, series, other websites — as well as reflexive digital objects, textured and justified by their milieu. These all viscerally object to the idea that digitality entails any meaningful shift in capitalist power dynamics; the question of property may be reconfigured by the digital, but is, as yet, far from resolved. So these objects, each in some way, enact an antagonistic relationship to the limited sensorium of capitalist property relations. We have: an application that consumes and regurgitates all others, a teen noise rant, pyrotechnic materialism, a dictionary of the negative, a militant exercise of the right to be forgotten, and a pretty decent meme, among a few other forms and strategies. Despite apparent seriousness or frivolity, they each smuggle a secret cargo of critical humor…

Collection: Angie Keefer

A top ten, as in ten off the top of a bigger stack.

The thought of compiling ten items for inclusion in the annals of Library Stack as a de facto recommended set was all but physically crippling to this typist, which is why her list appears only now, some five, long, dark fall and winter months after its existence was first and very kindly requested. This is also the reason why, instead of compiling a best-of, I’ve compiled a currently-in-the-middle-of, or an at-least-at-the-beginning-of. That is, here are ten books I’m reading now, together, deliberately together, albeit for purposes yet to be discerned. My list doubles as a suggestion that “top ten” be reconceived as “arbitrarily long ingredient list for a precognitive recipe,” though I’d wager my entire, staggering fortune that lubricated Teflon™ is at least 100% stickier than this proposal.