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Library Stack is pleased to be involved with the Montez Press Radio program, housed in Matthew Gallery on Canal st. in New York City, and streaming continuously until August 19th. Library Stack will be presenting materials from its catalog, hosting launch events and premiering new audio commissions. Check back to this page for scheduling. Live stream can be found on FM broadcast presented in partnership with Wave Farm Radio

Collection: Center for Experimental Lectures

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Live Event at Montez Radio, August 16th, 7PM

This collection of digital objects scratches the surface of some of the questions we like to puzzle over the most: What are the possibilities for public speaking now? How is learning something we do with our bodies? What is the materiality of acquiring knowledge? And what is important about being in a room with others, watching something together? We hope these 10 works offer some methods for reconsidering the possibilities of showing each other things in public.

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Realometer Re-Loaded

Science fiction auteur, paperback revolutionary, agile co-occupant of literary and art worlds, admirably independent mind Mark von Schlegell is an ideal curator-guide for the bizzarro world of nineteenth century American literature. The rift in history made in the writing of Poe, Emerson, Douglass, Dickinson, Melville, Hawthorne, Henry James et al, Schlegell identifies as a fictional machine through which literary worlds become possible words, then makes a Carrollian flip into the mirror, a splash into the glass, as Cocteau showed us in Orphée. Burroughs called it the “pre-recordings”—the deep code out of which reality is projected. Schlegell calls it the Realometer…

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Live Event August 9th at Radio Montez

dos episode 5: The Gold Museum

Curator Juana Berrío and artist Delcy Morelos visit the Gold Museum in Bogotá, which houses the world’s largest collection of pre-conquest gold artifacts. They talk about the cultural differences of valuing gold objects, highlighting intrinsic, economic, ceremonial or environmental aspects; the uses of plants with power; the poporo; human-animal bodies; and how to overcome the muteness of those distant objects made by eradicated ethnicities.

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Site Visit No. 7: Downtown Denver with Kevin Hirth

On today’s Site Visit, we are going to discuss our recent tour of downtown Denver. Some highlights of the tour included Phillip Johnson’s Wells Fargo Center and Roche Dinkeloo’s Denver Performing Arts Complex. These buildings, which were an extension of a larger master planning initiative led by Pei, Cobb, Freed & Partners, play an important role in contextualizing the city within the dramatic landscape of Colorado. Completed in 1983, the Wells Fargo Center is currently the third tallest tower in Denver and among several of Johnson’s famous towers located throughout the US. The Denver Performing Arts Complex, which was completed ...

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Monti Sans

Contributor Eric Li
The origins of the typeface we know today as Monti Sans can be traced back to America’s first successful type foundry, established in Philadelphia by Archibald Binny and James Ronaldson in 1796. Among the most enduring American types ever designed, it has now nearly realized a proverbial nine lives. Its first three iterations took the form of hand-set type and spanned more than a century. Its fourth incarnation, an arduous conversion to Linotype, was undertaken in the 1940s by C.H. Griffith at the Mergenthaler Company with the aid of Princeton University Press’s P.J. Conkwright. It was this revival, intended to ...

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Deep Assignments

Compiled by Philip Sanderson and mixed by DJ Huysmans, a mix made to accompany the Ballardian Breakfast Briefing virtual launch event for Applied Ballardianism.

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Venusia Audio Book

Library Stack is proud to present the audio book version of Mark von Schlegell's novel Venusia as part of our contribution to Montez Press Radio. The broadcast will begin Monday night, August 13th at 11:59 PM, and pick up each night at the same time for one week. Venusia is presented with the permission of Mark von Schlegell.

The Right to Loot

A conversation between Library Stack and Sam Hardy, a British archaeologist who tracks the black market trade in illicit antiquities. Working from London and Rome, Hardy studies Conflict Antiquities: that’s everything from the looting of ancient objects at unguarded archaeological sites, to thefts from national museum collections, to the anonymous finds of amateurs with metal detectors. Library Stack got in touch with Sam to learn more about his work, and about how this global trade cuts across contemporary politics. Sam spoke at length about how the presumed cultural right to understand the past sometimes pushes against the implicit human right ...

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State of Emergency

A conversation between Library Stack and Léopold Lambert, a French publisher, editor, writer, theorist, podcaster and researcher working under the name The Funambulist. Lambert started The Funambulist as a blog, while working at an architecture firm, but its expanding publication activities over the past five years have turned it into his full time job. Lambert’s podcast series, and a few of his books, are archived in Library Stack’s database, and his diverse output has been inspiring. This conversation ranged across his work as a publisher, his practice as an experimental cartographer, and his current research into the spatial history of ...

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Interface Your Face #10: June 5, 2018

Contributors Eric Li, Jonathan Zong

e-flux journal #92

In ten seconds, how many synonyms can you think of for the word “power”? And then, just when you thought that you finally got the hang of how the power structures around you function, they seem to be coming undone. But are they really coming undone, or is the current that’s pushing and pulling at them not much more than a massage, a way to keep them up to date that stays only on the surface and is not able to touch the center. What is feminism, precisely? What are feminisms today? To answer these questions and myriad others, the next two issues ...

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Bulldozer Politics in Cold War U.S.

This conversation with Francesca Russello Ammon is built around her book, Bulldozer: Demolition and Clearance of the Postwar Landscape (2016), which retraces the political history of the bulldozer by the United States during World War II (used in the Pacific War by the SeaBees) and immediately following it in the massive engineering of the U.S. territory in cities and between them. This discussion can act as an addition to the contents featured in The Funambulist 17 (May-June 2018) Weaponized Infrastructure. Francesca Russello Ammon is a cultural historian of urban planning and the built environment. Her research focuses on the social, material, and cultural life ...

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Non-Knowledge and Digital Cultures

Making available massive amounts of data that are generated, distributed, and modeled, digital media provide us with the possibility of abundant information and knowledge. This possibility has been attracting various scenarios in which technology either eliminates non-knowledge or plants it deep within contemporary cultures through the universal power and opacity of algorithms. This volume comprises contributions from media studies, literary studies, sociology, ethnography, anthropology, and philosophy to discuss non-knowledge as an important concept for understanding contemporary digital cultures.

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New Models Podcast 03: Lying Gods of Digital Tribes

Trump Lies, XXXTentacion dies, and truth seems always just out of reach. Lil Internet, Caroline Busta, and Daniel Keller on lying, trust, and tribalism today, from blockchain to grifting, rap fan outrage to art.

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