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Headless, an exhilarating murder-mystery by the elusive K. D., probes the sordid secrets and sinister deeds of powerful financiers who use Caribbean firms to conceal their fortunes. The novel begins with workaday author John Barlow agreeing to ghostwrite a novel about secretive tax havens. Barlow assumes the job will be a no-brainer. But then his eccentric employers, Swedish conceptualist artist duo Goldin+Senneby, ask him to investigate Headless Ltd., a shadowy company with possible links to the French philosopher Georges Bataille, known for his obsession with human sacrifice. Barlow travels to Nassau, Bahamas, the glitzy mecca of offshore finance, and begins ...

Multi (a multiple)

Contributor O-R-G inc.
Multi is a (very) simple application for making and sending faces. Working from a limited stock of punctuation glyphs, Multi tirelessly assembles various configurations. Launch Multi. Tap the screen anywhere to stop. Tap again to start. Tap and drag on the right side to adjust the speed (a line appears under your finger — up for faster, down for slower). Save a particular face by pressing and holding your finger on the screen until you see a flash (like a screenshot). Continue holding down to text it to a friend. * Italian designer Enzo Mari spent the year 1957 drawing an apple. The result, ...

The Machine Stops

“You who listen to me are in a better position to judge about the French Revolution than I am. Your descendants will be even in a better position than you, for they will learn what you think I think, and yet another intermediate will be added to the chain. And in time…there will come a generation…which will see the French Revolution not as it happened, nor as they would like it to have happened, but as it would have happened, had it taken place in the days of the Machine.” E.M. Forster wrote his one work of dystopian science fiction, The ...

Hershey Noailles (Hershey Fonts)

Contributor Luuse
The Hershey fonts are a collection of vector fonts developed c. 1967 by Dr. Allen Vincent Hershey at the Naval Weapons Laboratory, originally designed to be rendered using vectors on early cathode ray tube displays. Decomposing curves to connected straight lines allowed Hershey to produce complex typographic designs. In their original form the font data consists simply of a series of coordinates, meant to be connected by straight lines on the screen. SIL Open Font License

Urbanomic Document 037: Fundamental Principles of Global Ecophagy

Contributor Laura Tripaldi
Self-assembly + replicating capacity: Laura Tripaldi on how viruses went from representing the technological future of humanity to being the absolute emblem of pandemic extinction.

The Uncensored Library

In many countries, websites, social media and blogs are controlled by oppressive leaders. Young people, in particular, are forced to grow up in systems where their opinion is heavily manipulated by governmental disinformation campaigns. But even where almost all media is blocked or controlled, the world’s most successful computer game is still accessible. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) uses this loophole to bypass internet censorship to bring back the truth – within Minecraft. How do I visit The Uncensored Library? The Uncensored Library is available for free to players of Minecraft on PC or Mac. The map can be downloaded on our website ...

Women's Car Repair Collective

The WOMEN’S CAR REPAIR COLLECTIVE was one of several initiatives organized by the Lesbian Alliance of St. Louis, Missouri, in the early 1970s. The collective was a “service by and for women” that offered repairs of foreign and American cars, workshops, and rentals of garage space, books, and tools. The Lesbian Alliance, formed in 1972, also opened a coffee house, offered counseling and legal services, and published a lesbian-feminist newsletter called MOONSTORM through their imprint Tiamat Press. In a 1973 issue of the local independent radical newspaper THE BRIDGE, the collective wrote that “we must create our own lesbian-identified structures.” This ...

Seven Notes for a Dream

Dreams come to us in sleep. They find us while we slumber, and dreams— elusive, fleeting at times, vivid and frenetic at others—have carried our mythologies for millennia. When the body enters into its deepest sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, humans experience accelerated neuron transmissions that mirror patterns displayed during wakefulness. In REM, we humans maintain an occult moment of extreme psychological activity, and dreams are their most present, persistent, forceful. When dreams visit us as hauntings, is this how we learn to name our nightmares? Sleep then, might also be considered a pathway for that which is unwelcome.

Droste Effect Bulletin #23: Against the Grain. The Verse and Reverse of Signs and Images

An essay on the artwork of Ivana Spinelli, published on the occasion of her solo show Contropelo at Gallleriapiù, Bologna (January 23 – March 28, 2020). Ivana Spinelli suggests a different look into the signs that are deposited in our collective memory as decorative elements lacking of any linguistic value. All of a sudden, those inscriptions manifest themselves as a code composed by discrete elements that can be used to form words and sentences, and take concrete shape as sculptural matter. – Claudio Musso


“The communist question was badly formulated because, to start with, it was framed as a social question, that is, as a strictly human question. Despite that, it has never ceased to trouble the world. If it continues to haunt it, that’s because it doesn’t stem from an ideological fixation but from a basic, immemorial, lived experience: that of community—which nullifies all the axioms of economy and all the fine constructions of civilization. There is never community as an entity, but always as an experience of continuity between beings and with the world.”

Interstitial EP024: The Great Great Wall

Border walls always create differences, but not necessarily the ones that were intended. Architecture critic and journalist Ian Volner recounts his experience along some of history’s most significant boundaries.

On Spaces of Possibilities and African Mobilities

In this interview by Léopold Lambert, Mpho Matsipa describes the spirit and contents of the exhibition she curated in 2018. Entitled “African Mobilities: This is not a Refugee Camp Exhibition,” this powerfully-curated gathering of artworks provides the bases of a conversation about the notions of mobilities and temporalities in the context of the African continent, from the mind-expanding maps of the Chimurenga Library and the cartographic entanglements by Dana Whariba, Thembinkosi Goniwe and Nolan Oswald Dennis to the futurist vision of Olalekan Jeyifous and Wale Lawal. Mpho Matsipa received her PhD in Architecture from UC Berkeley. She is Adjunct Assistant Professor ...

e-flux Journal #106

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, a “global” art world began to form. Sure, there were already a number of world’s fairs and established international biennials, but this would be different. From the 1990s onward, national boundaries would dissolve, centers and peripheries would level out, and the internet would host worldwide cultural exchange. In many ways this really did happen, but some other things also happened. As people and ideas began to move across borders, money did too. Faced with an unmanageable planetary scale, capital became a more efficient regulator of flows than laws or nations. Suddenly, capital rose ...

Pearls of Wisdom (Disputaziuns Susch, The Magicians of the Mountains)

Episode 22: Pearls of Wisdom (Disputaziuns Susch, The Magicians of the Mountains) This episode has Mark Sadler and Jörg Heiser sharing pearls of wisdom concerning the grammar of painting, architecture of philosophy and notions of freedom. And suddenly, the horizon is opening up wide. Disputaziuns Susch, from the beginning in 2017, has been a multi-disciplinary annual endeavor, bringing together scholars and artists, philosophers and authors, neuroscientists and historians – thinkers who will be asking questions and counter questions – in its 2019’s editions circling around the possibilities for universal truths versus a relative view of human temporality and finitude, rational thinking and ...

The Utopia of Popularity

In this recording of the November 2019 launch event for Agnès Gayraud’s Dialectic of Pop, Robin Mackay and the author discuss the major themes of the book.

Droste Effect Bulletin #22: Semiotic Circuits

An essay on the artwork of Ivana Spinelli, published on the occasion of her solo show Contropelo at Gallleriapiù, Bologna (January 23 – March 18, 2020).

Format Matters

From TIFF files to TED talks, from book sizes to blues stations—the term “format” circulates in a staggering array of contexts and applies to entirely dissimilar objects and practices. How can such a pliable notion meaningfully function as an instrument of classification in so many industries and scientific communities? Comprising a wide range of case studies on the standards, practices, and politics of formats from scholars of photography, film, radio, television, and the Internet, Format Matters charts the many ways in which formats shape and are shaped by past and present media cultures. This volume represents the first sustained collaborative effort ...

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