Introducing: Reserved Circulation

Independent commercial ebooks face legal and technical roadblocks to digital lending within academic, municipal and museum libraries. The Reserved Circulation initiative finally brings these titles into distributed library lending, allowing them to be acquired by our institutional partners and borrowed by affiliated users. Artists, designers and publishers can make works available to libraries through this system. Participating publishers include Strelka Institute, Architectural Association, e-flux, Triple Canopy, n+1, Paper Monument, Left Gallery, A.R.T. Press, dpr-barcelona, Mikrotext, Eeclectic, O-R-G, and Halmos.

The Appearance of Black Lives Matter

“Police killings captured on cell-phone video or photographs have become the hallmark of United States visual culture in the twenty-first century. In this book, I examine this transformation of visual culture from the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown in the summer of 2014 to the inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017. As a person designated “white” by the color line in the United States, I do so from the perspective of anti-antiblackness. I study the formation of the space of appearance, that space where we catch a glimpse of the society that is to come—the future commons or communism. ...

Ernestine Eckstein

ERNESTINE ECKSTEIN (1941–1992) was ahead of her time. As the lone Black lesbian at an early gay rights protest in front of the White House in 1965, her legacy is one of courage and unwavering resolve for the liberation of all peoples. She was a vice president and active member of the New York chapter of the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), the first lesbian civil rights organization in the United States. She helped move the DOB away from the early homophile movement’s emphasis on medical legitimization and towards direct action in the form of protests and demonstrations which she described ...

Remote Access Commons

Contributors Library Stack, Bryce Wilner
… There’s no thing for a library to buy and shelve, nor a standardized way to price the media files originating in a platform’s attention economy, where value only correlates to further exchanges of other kinds of labor. In library science terms, these publications might be thought of as the digital versions of realia, physical objects that resist classification but must be cataloged and stored anyways, like honorary jars of dirt, textiles, or other material leftovers from daily life…

Black Lives Matter

Inspired by the scholars, activists, and everyday citizens who spoke out, marched, and protested against police killings of African-Americans, we present this collection of short essays that put Black lives at the center of our thinking about architecture and its history.


The footnotes accompanying this essay could be read as a portrait of our Garden traveler. What could be discerned from them? A physical location? Language proficiency? Musical tastes? Attention to detail? Thought processes? That could be one reading. But these footnotes also are infor- mation, which can be used to gain more knowledge, to access materials. Primary information, secondary sources. In both instances, one would need to care. A curious mind, trained to read entry points, able to navigate thresholds. A threshold is defined as “any place or point of entering or beginning.” Librarians, documentalists, archivists: we are engaged in ...

New Models Podcast 12: BLACK SOCIALISTS

Contributors Caroline Busta, Daniel Keller, Lil Internet, et alZ
New Models speaks with Z, founder of the BLACK SOCIALISTS of AMERICA (BSA), an online channel turned IRL organization providing a forum and voice for black American leftists as well as education around the values of socialism (per Marx). In this episode, we discuss the inherent racism of the “American Dream” (i.e., capitalism), the promise of worker co-ops, identity politics’ tactical deficiencies in big stack activism, and how to leverage online traction to effect real world political change. New Models · Episode 12: BLACK SOCIALISTS (Z from BSA)

The Poetics of a Wall Projection

Originally published in German in 1985 as Die Poetik eines Mauervorsprung, Jan Turnovsky’s The Poetics of a Wall Projection is ostensibly a description of a corner within the breakfast room of the Villa Stonborough in Vienna, designed by Ludwig Wittgenstein and Paul Engelmann. But it is also much more. Working from within an established Viennese tradition (practised most famously by Krauss, Freud, Loos and Wittgenstein himself), Turnovsky’s study elucidates a complex set of ideas from something seemingly trivial – in this case, an analysis of the villa’s corner detail expands into a wider exploration of the logics of architectural syntax and ...

A *New* Program for Graphic Design

A *New* Program for Graphic Design is a do-it-yourself textbook that synthesizes the pragmatic with the experimental and builds on mid-to late-20th-century pedagogical models to convey advanced principles of contemporary design for a general reader. Rooted in three courses (Typography, Gestalt, and Interface) originally developed for liberal arts students at Princeton University, the book provides a broad introduction to graphic design and visual literacy, from Benjamin Franklin to Bruno Munari, Moholy-Nagy to Muriel Cooper and the Macintosh computer. This book was produced over three days in Los Angeles, based on eight years of teaching at Princeton University. One semester-long course was compressed and presented each day ...

Unweaving Social Sadism

Mattin and Miguel Prado talk with uncompromising art-theory-mavericks: Ana Teixeira Pinto and Kerstin Stakemeier about their crucial text: “A Brief Glossary of Social Sadism”. More relevant than ever in these times of generalised brutality. Artwork: Parker Bright, “Confronting My Own Possible Death”, 2018.

New Models Podcast EP 28: TAKE IT, IT'S YOURS

We are joined by UC Davis professor of literature and critical theory, JOSHUA CLOVER, who is also a communist and the author of several books including RIOT STRIKE RIOT: THE NEW ERA OF UPRISINGS (Verso, 2016). This conversation begins with the street protests that have erupted across the US in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many other black Americans at the hands of the police. It then expands to encompass digital platforms, definitions of violence and property, the promise of communes, and the caveats of UBI, giving a trans-historical view of revolutionary resistance at the ...

e-flux Journal #110

It’s yet uncertain what the lasting legacy of 2020 will be. “The tradition of the oppressed teaches us,” Walter Benjamin wrote in 1940, “that the ‘state of emergency’ in which we live is not the exception but the rule.” We already know that in the US, the summer of 2020 will be remembered for its sustained state of emergency, when we emerged from stratified isolation and convened, in the millions, in the streets to affirm that black lives matter, that black breath is stolen at an overwhelmingly higher scale by the pandemic and by the largely extralegal military organization known ...

Interstitial EP042: Feminist City by Leslie Kern

Women have been drawn to city life for centuries, despite the persistent tensions, freedom and fear, empowerment and struggle. Taking an intersectional approach to urban inequality, geographer Leslie Kern urges us to change the perspective from which our spaces are designed and built.

In Other Words / A Defense of Paraphrase

Here is a definition of paraphrase: (1) A rewording of something written or spoken by someone else, esp. with the aim of making the sense clearer; a free rendering of a passage. And here is a paraphrase of the definition of paraphrase: (1a) A restatement of someone else’s writing or speech, particularly to clarify the meaning; an approximate version. Can there be a definition, in turn, of paraphrase (1a)? No: a definition captures the general linguistic potential of a word or phrase, abstracted from any particular statement. A paraphrase reprises a particular statement, as (1a) reprises (1). For the same reason, there cannot be ...

Site Visit No. 13: Quarantining in Miami with Germane Barnes

Ashley and Erik speak with Germane Barnes about life under quarantine at home in Miami, Florida. Germane is an Assistant Professor of Architecture and Director of the Community, Housing & Identity Lab (CHIL) at the University of Miami and principal of the research and design practice, Studio Barnes.

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator is an ode to airplane mode. It celebrates the best part of air travel: peaceful solitude. Choose a destination, enable airplane mode, and enjoy.

Thinking through Photographs

This binder is organized around eight topics, each offering a constellation of questions as a way to navigate our image-saturated world. The topics build on one another and shape a multidimensional perspective of photographs as objects and images, as agents of history and instigators of contemporary conversations. As imaging technologies evolve, so does our thinking around what we see—everything from a vintage black-and-white print to an image manipulated on a mobile device—and how we see. Hence, we draw on the work of artists, scholars, and teachers who urge us to look in-depth and with care, and offer myriad ways for ...

Failed Architecture Podcast 12: How Beyoncé Seized the Louvre

Paris’ famous Louvre Museum was forever transformed in Summer 2018 when it was spectacularly appropriated by megastar power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z, by way of a music video for their single “Apeshit”. Timed to coincide with Everything is Love, their surprise joint album as The Carters, the video saw the couple, and Beyoncé in particular, performing in front of several significant paintings and sculptures in the museum’s vast collection. Needless to say, two of the world’s most visible and successful black cultural figures seizing control of a space so synonymous with Western imperialism led to a lively debate in the days ...

Riot Medicine

Contributor Håkan Geijer
Riot medicine is the practice of medicine in an adversarial environment. It exists outside of formal and State sanctioned medical services. Practitioners of riot medicine go by many names (riot medics, street medics, demonstration medics, action medical), but at the end of the day, their goals are the same. They take to the streets as part of the diverse system of mutual aid that allows individuals to engage in protest. The duties of a riot medic may include handing out water during a peaceful demonstration, providing late-night jail support for arrested comrades, caring for injured protesters and bystanders during a ...

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