Editor’s Note: This entry has been altered to honor a ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ request by one of the work’s contributors. The associated audio file is no longer available.

This conversation with [Anonymous], Nathalie Muchamad, Miki Nitadori & Ayomih intends to examine the specificity of anti-Asian in France. Although it was recorded in January 2017, it resonates with a particularly urgent echo today as, a few day ago, the French police killed Liu Shaoyo, a 56-year-old Chinese Parisian, in his own apartment, in front of his four (French) children. Far from the ‘simple’ observations of biased prejudices that characterize many conversations about racism deployed against Asian bodies, this conversation examines how this racism in France finds its roots deep into colonialism, in French “Indochina” (Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos) of course, but also in overseas colonies, as well as in the “Metropolis.” Special thanks to Meriem Chabani for her translation of [Anonymous] and Ayomih’s interventions.

[Anonymous] is an asia-descendent independent artist-researcher. She is the founder of the website VA dedicated to various fields, vernacular architecture, landscape, environment, vernacular photography, archives, ethnology, postcolonial and subaltern studies.

Nathalie Muchamad is born in New-Caledonia in 1976. Her family is from Java, Indonesia. She arrived in France in 1991. She is an artist who will be exhibited at the 2017 Lyon Biennale.

Miki Nitadori is a multi-disciplinary Japanese artist who specialises in photography and invisible art practice. She is an Adult Third Culture Kid who grew up in Asia, in Japanese-American community of Hawai’i, and in Europe. She belongs to the 15th generation of the Nitadori clan, from the North-East of Japan. She is both deeply rooted in these origins and yet her experience is that of a migrant. Her art explores this paradoxical existence, relating to her daily life as well as history, and Contemporary Life, becoming a form that nonetheless raises simple questions.

Ayomih is a feminist activist, 21-year old, student in biochemistry, currently enrolled in a Master of Drug design. Her father is from Saigon and her mother comes from the Viet community of Laos; they both arrived in France in the 1970s. She grew up in a rather poor social housing estate of the Paris banlieue and, although she still lives in the banlieue, she is now in a more eliticist municipality. She is currently working on a project about solidarity between racialized people. She is found of art, painting, drawing, comics, as well as rap and slam (in particular queers of color’s lyrics).

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