Glitches are hot. It is clear from what we can see on MTV, Flickr, in the club or the bookstore. While the “Glitch: designing imperfection” coffee table book introduces the glitch design aesthetic to the world of latte drinking designers, and Kanye West uses glitches to sing about his imperfect love life, the awkward, shy and physically ugly celebrate under the header “Glitched: Nerdcore for life”. Glitch has become hot. A brightly colored bubblegum wrapper that doesn’t ask for much involvement, or offers any stimulus. Inside I find gum that I keep chewing – hoping for some new explosion of good taste – but the more I chew it, the less tasty and more rubbery it gets. Glitch design fulfills an average, imperfect stereotype, a filter or commodity that echoes a stabilized “medium is the message” standard…

This item is publicly available as part of the Library Stack Northampton Branch, and through NN Contemporary Art.

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