Combining database, archive, publisher and distributor, Library Stack connects digital materials from art, design, theory and architecture to global library cataloging systems. Items in Library Stack are indexed with both informal keywords and controlled Library of Congress vocabularies (the “Format” and “Subject” menus), and can be searched via our structured indexes, direct queries, or by browsing through our Featured Stacks.

Most items in the Library Stack collection collapse or confound typical distinctions between projects made by artists, architects or designers, and projects notionally about those respective fields. The collection includes PDF zines made by curators; downloadable exhibitions curated by artists; experimental sound compositions; magazines about experimental sound art; fonts channeling cultural histories; and political artworks in the form of custom browser extensions. Library Stack itself emerges from this same sphere of hybrid practice.

Library Stack recently participated in the Oslo Architecture Triennale, has written essays for Texte zur Kunst and Bulletins of the Serving Library, enjoyed a long conversation with our friends at Are.na, and has published writings on ecology, technology and visual art. It is currently developing a film based on the short story Eden Machine, in collaboration with the science-fiction author Mark von Schlegell.

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