What is this art, visual essay thing? What is Addendum?

Addendum is a series of visual essays curated by the Kadist Art Foundation. The essays are created by artists using images from archives they’re researching.

How do I learn more about the art?

A wonderful question. Check out Addendum.

Why does the image look cropped?

If the image doesn’t fit into a standard advertising banner size, it is cropped automatically by Add-Art. You’ll see a variety of details or whole images, depending on the page and ad size.

Why am I seeing some ads?

Add-Art works well, but it’s not perfect because of the disturbingly complex ways ads are delivered (through iframes, delayed loading, scripts, and more). You can contribute code and help improve this. You don’t have to see these ads. Add-Art works with other blockers like AdBlock Plus and ublock as well as privacy plugins likeGhostery and AdNauseam,

Can I make a visual essay?

Yes. Once your images are online, you can fill out this form. You’ll receive a unique url for your show. Open the Addendum/Add-Art interface and hit the + symbol next to the word “ESSAYS”. Paste in your unique URL, and hit the + at the right side of the text field to submit it. Your show will be added to the interface. Share your Add-Art URL with with friends and they’ll see your show too!

Will this slow down my browsing at all?

Not really. The images should be cached locally once you download them all.

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