During the Algerian Revolution the French colonial regime designated large areas as zones interdites (forbidden zones), which consisted of free-fire zones for French military air and ground forces, and were to be cleared of any living beings. Hundreds of thousands of Algerians were forcibly evacuated from the forbidden zones and transferred into militarily controlled camps dubbed the centres de regroupement. Based on private and institutional archives, including the French Service cinématographique des armées (SCA), the exhibition at Archive Kabinett, curated by Samia Henni, features certain aspects of the massive forced resettlement of civilians, and disclosures the ways with which the French colonial regime attempted to divert the military purpose of the camps in the aftermath of a medial scandal of 1959. It unfolds the intrinsic relationships between planning, architecture, military measures, colonial policies, and the designed production and distribution of visual records. Today, the SCA is called the Établissement de communication et de production audiovisuelle de la défense (ECPAD, or Office of Communication and Audio-Visual Productions of Defense), and is still active in warzones where the French army is involved.

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