A presentation by artist E.T. Chong followed by a discussion focusing on interrogating dominant ideas of “position” in terms of sexuality, race, and power, including the history of Asian subjects and bodies in relation to White supremacy.

The presentation will include projects such as his recent “Asian Tops White Bottoms” performance at Recess, social deconditioning hypnosis treatments, and research into the troubled figure of Black Panther Richard Aoki.

E.T. Chong
E.T. Chong is an activist, artist, and community builder focused on creating platforms for marginalized communities. His current practice creates safe spaces for queer and non-gender binary minorities within the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community. Though E.T. Chong has a background in sculpture and fiber, his current work primarily utilizes the medium of information giving.

“Chong’s work emerges out of his own politicization process and gets at questions of community and solidarity and the role of the art and aesthetics and the gallery space in political struggle. Thinking of aesthetics as political is to be indebted to the aesthetics of the Black radical tradition. Growing up in Los Angeles, Chong remembers the LA uprising and protests against the vicious anti-black police violence that Rodney King survived and it was this flashpoint that shaped his political consciousness.” -Che Gosset

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