What is BitchCoin?

BitchCoin is a digital currency backed by the photography of Sarah Meyohas at a fixed exchange rate of 1 BitchCoin to 25 square inches of photographic print. This rate of exchange will not change, even if the value of the photography increases. As her work changes in value over time, so will the relative value of BitchCoin.

How did BitchCoin get started?

BitchCoin is the focus of “Where 6,” an exhibition on prediction at Where, a gallery and publishing house headquartered in a shipping container in Brooklyn. Where invited Sarah Meyohas to “mine” her coins in the gallery and design how BitchCoin would operate. The installed mining rig can viewed through Where’s live-streaming webcam. In addition as part of the exhibition, Where is jumpstarting the currency by investing directly in BitchCoin itself.

Why would I buy BitchCoin?

BitchCoin allows art collectors to invest directly in Sarah Meyohas as a value producer rather than investing in the artwork itself. For investors, BitchCoin is like any currency tradable on the open market. It’s a bet on Sarah Meyohas with no expiration.

How do Bitch Coins Work?

Investors can always exchange their BitchCoins for photographic prints by Meyohas.

BitchCoins can be exchanged for these or any similar editioned photographs that Meyohas produces in the future.  By purchasing BitchCoin, the investor is buying credit for a future work that Sarah Meyohas has not yet produced.



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