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I actually went to work in the mines in Carbonia to run away from a girl I had got back from prison camp on August 29 I had got back home from Germany I had a bit of a holiday at home I was really emaciated I was really down I stayed at home all the time I didn’t do anything I read some newspapers some books some stuff I found lying around I passed the time like that but then I needed money and I couldn’t find any work and so I went to sea I traveled around just about everywhere the first steamer I took was called the Gennargentu it did La Maddalena–Cagliari Cagliari–Palermo Palermo– Trapani it transported wine and passengers and that was the first steamer I went on it was a ship that used to go up and down the coast but now the war had destroyed almost all the ships and the crossings they made us do out there were real adventures once we went 36 hours without contact we ended up who knows where we were off Sicily and then a storm a terrible storm that lasted for days pushed us back toward Cagliari she was a really old ship the Gennargentu initially only used on the Palau–La Maddalena service a short trip but we had to do some real voyages with an old ship like the Gennargentu…

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