In Christine Sun Kim’s video Close Readings, she compiled a selection of film clips and invited deaf friends to provide captions providing possible additions to the films, resulting in a flipping of the typical power dynamic between filmic experience and deaf audiences, where the meaning of the film is dependent on how it is captioned. Here, the hearing viewer is subjected to the captioning of the deaf viewers. Sun Kim has provided us with 11 stills from this video, and a rekindling of our fondest memories of the CEL’s 2013 collaboration with her, “Seeing Voice: The Seven Tone Color Spectrum” at Recess in Soho, which invited 7 presenters, including Sun Kim, to make presentations exploring the relation between color and sound inspired by Isaac Newton’s alignment of the color wheel and the octave. This entire event could be described as having been “silent”, by which we mean that our hearing and deaf audiences both experienced it without interpretation. (GH)

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