Justin Allen

Cover art
PublisherLateral Addition2018
An excerpt from a larger work comprising writing and performance that revisits and examines adolescent memories of suburban subculture. Oak trees and whitetail deer in Abundances we tame Razed woods and ticky tacky TV dins with the fam Excess, the new convenience Tinged with work ethic shame Same teenage rage all summer Restraint, virtue or sham?                               Americana 2006 Widescreen and lens flare evoke the epic or mundane, point out our hero amongst mass- produced hot dog buns. The popcorn-crunching audience files in prepared for thrill, everyone on their own path back home.                                   Lyric 2004 Well if you wanted honesty call me a faggot one more time I’m not OK trust me middle school sucks forget about LOL smooths friend awkwardness faggot ...

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