Janine Armin

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The publication is a part of the installation 0.004 Hz which examines an event that for several months in 2018 almost imperceptibly affected everyday life in an area of Europe comprising 25 nations, by slowing down some electrical clocks for 6 minutes over the 2-month period. The publication collects mostly found fragments that are indicative of the potential in, and are essential or tangential to this delay. Official announcements, news reports and interpretations of the incident are juxtaposed with literary, artistic, theoretical, philosophical and scientific texts. These include fragments by Karen Barad, Gertrude Stein, Marshall McLuhan, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Brian Massumi, Adriana ...
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PublisherVan Abbemuseum2019
This e-book offers the findings of the conference ‘Conceptualism – Intersectional Readings, International Framings: Situating “Black Artists & Modernism” in Europe After 1968’ at the Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, 7–9 December 2017, presented by Black Artists & Modernism in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum. The conference and the accompanying e-publication gathered artists, curators and academics to consider two broad, overarching questions: Firstly, how to rethink conceptualism intersectionally and internationally as a strategy rather than as a movement; and secondly how to situate ‘black artists’ and ‘modernism’ within Europe? The conference and corresponding publication includes key note lectures by Iris Dressler and ...
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PublisherVan Abbemuseum2022
I Think My Body Feels, I Feel My Body Thinks: On Corpoliteracy is a gathering of texts and textures from lyricists, theorists, organisers, artists and practitioners. The publication draws from recent programmes, acquisitions and trajectories within the Van Abbemuseum, alongside essays and new commissions to explore different modalities of – and relationships to – corpoliteracy. The book comprises writing, sound and video work, a queer sign glossary with sixteen video entries, and edited conversations. The term corpoliteracy was coined by curator and polymath Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and speaks to a consciousness of mind and body rhythm-equity. Ndikung’s thinking has been ...

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