Kader Attia

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Fantasies of the Library is a sequence of pages wherein the reader-as-exhibition-viewer learns, rather surprisingly—but with growing conviction—that the library is not only a curatorial space, but that its bibliological imaginary is also a fertile territory for the exploration of paginated affairs in the Anthropocene.
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Hans Ulrich Obrist Interview with David Deutsch HUO: Your book, The Fabric of Reality [1997], had a real in uence on the art and architecture elds. Philippe Parreno wants to ask you this question: “Can reality be produced?” DD: I think the deepest answer is that we don’t know yet but I believe the best answer available is “no ” The whole of reality including the multiverse and all the “production”—all the creation—that has happened and will ever happen within the multiverse is in some sense already there The trouble is that that answer doesn’t explain the fact that there is a vital ...

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