Danielle Aubert

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resting reader is a book of texts and images assembled from source material found on the shelves of the Queer.Archive.Work library. All pages were scanned directly into the risograph, printed in an unlimited edition, and bound on the Horizon BQ-140 perfect binder. No computers were used except to set the type on the cover. The content was selected during the rise of the COVID-19 Omicron variant in December 2021, around the loose themes of rest, quiet, care, queer, sanctuary, reflection, collective, and generosity. This publication is also a reflective response to Urgency Reader 1 (2019) and Urgency Reader 2 (2020), ...
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Danielle Aubert is a graphic designer, educator, writer, and political organizer. She’s the author of, most recently, The Detroit Printing Co-Op: The Politics of the Joys of Printing and an Associate Professor in Graphic Design at Wayne State University. In this episode, Jarrett and Danielle talk about the Detroit Printing Co-op and expanding design history, the politics of graphic design, and when to teach the basics in a design class.

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