Michael Badu

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This book is a collection of thirty-five texts from the first series of guest writers’ essays, written specifically for The Funambulist weblog from June 2011 to November 2012. The idea of complementing Lambert’s own texts on his blog with those written by others originated from the idea that having friends communicate with each other about their work could help develop mutual interests and provide a platform to address an audience. Thirty-nine authors of twenty-three nationalities were given the opportunity to write essays about a part of their work that might fit with the blog’s editorial line. Overall, two ‘families’ of texts emerged, ...
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PublisherThe Funambulist2014
This conversation I had with Michael Badu, evolves around his architectural practice that mostly consists in the design of mosques in Europe. We talk about his “funambulism,” trying to find his ethical equilibrium between the recurrent ostracism facing a practicing Muslim in Western societies—although Michael does not talk too much about it—and the conservatism of some of his religious clients. But this conversation happens to be primarily an architectural one, where we wonder about the architect’s dilemma about what can be accepted as a commission and for which reason. Similarly to essential questions, this one cannot be categorically answered. Michael Badu ...

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