Al Bedell

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This program originally aired on, Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 4pm EST, live from the Untitled art fair in Miami Beach. Today at Untitled, curator Catherine Taft will be reading from book 5 of the New Lovers series of new erotica fiction: Al Bedell’s “I Would Do Anything For Love.” Founded in 2010, Badlands Unlimited publishes e-books, paper books, and artist works in digital and print forms. Historical distinctions between books, files, and artworks are dissolving rapidly. We publish and produce new works by artists and writers that embody the spirit of this emerging dissolution.    
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“Redefining sex on the printed page”—Dazed Digital “These Heady Erotic Novels Are Essential Reading”—The FADER “Genius”—Adult Magazine “More than meets the flesh”—ARTnews New Lovers: Trilogy No. 2 is a collection of three erotic novellas published by Badlands Unlimited. Inspired by Maurice Girodias’ legendary Olympia Press, New Lovers features the raw and uncut writings of authors new to the erotica genre. Each story has its own unique take on relationships, intimacy, and sex, as well as the complexities that bedevil contemporary life and culture today. Each novella in the New Lovers series is an independent story of 12,000-18,000 words in length. This collection includes: My Wet ...

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