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In this edited extract from her new book The Autobiography of Video: The Life and Times of a Memory Technology, Ina Blom examines the memory and history of early analog video, and investigates how the medium, heralding new forms of technological and social life, prehended the forms and forces of painting.
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New technological media such as film, photography and computers have altered the way we perceive possible relations between stillness and motion in the visual arts. Traditionally, cinema theory saw cinema and especially the ‘illusion of motion’ as part of the ideological swindle of the basic cinematic apparatus. This collection of essays by acclaimed international scholars including Tom Gunning, Thomas Elsaesser, Mark B.N. Hansen, George Baker, Ina Blom and Christa Blümlinger, starts out from a different premise to analyse stillness and motion as part of a larger ecology of images and media. They argue that the strategic uses of stillness and ...
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Ina Blom is a Professor at the Institute of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at the University of Oslo, where she also got her Ph.D (The Cut Through Time. A Version of the Dada/Neo-Dada Repetition. UiO, 1999). Her fields of research and teaching are modernism/avant-garde studies and contemporary art and aesthetics, with a particular focus on media art practices and media aesthetics. A former music critic, she has also worked extensively as an art critic and curator, contributing to Artforum, Parkett, Afterall, Frieze and Texte zur Kunst. Recent books include On the Style Site. Art, Sociality and Television ...
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SECOND REPORT … but books have always been in motion. It has been argued that it was the portability of scrolls that made two nomadic tribes—Jews and Arabs—turn away from worshipping heavy images of God and instead devoted themselves to a book. Today, curiously, we tend to picture books as something heavy, something to worship in a nostalgic mode, or simply leave behind. Can we picture books differently? Exhibiting books is tricky. They tend to reduce to flat images of themselves when put inside display cases, and would rather be handled, entered, held open, paged through. In the archive kept in the ...

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