François J. Bonnet

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Sound is elemental. We accept it as a primary force that contributes to our lives—a maker of meaning that we internalize without challenging it, interpreting it through past experience and intuition. When presented to us, questions about sound seem simple enough, as if they are almost redundant or unnecessarily asked. As with all concerns regarding the senses, the cognitive is secondary by design. Each of us could happily carry on, maintaining an intuitive relationship with our ears. Inquiry seeks possibilities, emerging from a hope to establish a more meaningful and progressive relationship within a spectrum of experiences at the heart ...
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François J. Bonnet talks about The Order of Sounds: A Sonorous Archipelago, his book on the philosophy of sound and listening, explaining the motivation behind its examination of modes of listening and its mapping of plural sonic ontologies, and expanding on some of the concepts he introduces in order to take account of the ‘schizological’ nature of sound. The podcast concludes with an exclusive track by Bonnet’s alter-ego Kassel Jaeger. Music used in this podcast: Kassel Jaeger, ‘Campo Del Cielo’, from Deltas (Editions Mego). Bernard Parmegiani, ‘Des mots et des sons’, from L’Oeuvre Musicale (INA-GRM). Robin Mackay, Field Recording from St Agnes beach, 12 May 2016 0930. TLAOTLON, ‘The Co-Domain’, from Natural ...
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PublisherSocial Discipline2020
This week we are joined by François J. Bonnet, recording artist (as Kassel Jaeger) and theoretician, Director of Groupe de Recherches Musicales of the National Audiovisual Institute (INA-GRM) in Paris, and producer on National French Radio France Musique. We talk with him about the recent publication of the english translation of his book “After Death” (2020, Urbanomic) in the context of the current pandemic and the general externalisation and disembodiment of death. We do end up divagating about improvisation, the sublime, romanticism and other meta-musical tropes in the direction of François’ most recent book “The Music To Come” (2020, Shelter ...

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