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PublisherLink Editions2013
Best of Rhizome 2012 is a selection of texts published on the editorial platform of Rhizome along 2012. Edited by Joanne McNeil, the book is, in the words of Rhizome’s Executive Director Heather Corcoran, “not just a best of Rhizome’s work, but a portrait of the year that we hope will gain significance over time for its contextualization and articulation of artists’ practices. Artists are predictors and barometers of change, and sensitive to their cultural surroundings. From texts on production in the digital age, to the influence of the Occupy Movement, from drones and surveillance, to online vernacular – these ...
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We are writing from the unceded territory of the Lenni Lenape. We stand in solidarity with Native American and Indigenous peoples leading the movement for resurgence, decolonization, and reclamation of their homelands. These lands were stolen to create settler-colonial states, and those who were dispossessed continue to live under conditions of siege, surveillance, and extractivist violence. We support land back, an imperative addressed to all settlers and settler-institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the City of New York. At its foundations, this city was established on stolen Indigenous land, and shaped and cultivated by enslaved African peoples. ...
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PublisherKunsthalle Zürich2017
This booklet was released at the launch of the campaign Wages For Wages Against on March 2017 during the exhibition Speak, Lokal at Kunsthalle Zürich. It attempts to answer a simple question: why are artists not paid when they provide a service to an institution, in the form of an exhibition or else? It gathers a series of interviews with Harry Burke (artist & Curator at Artists Space, NY), Bathazar Lovay (artist & Director of Fri Art Fribourg), Bea Schlingelhoff (artist & Head of BFA at ZHdK, Zürich), Lise Soskolne (artist & Organizer of W.A.G.E., New York) and Judith Welter (Director ...

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