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Provisional Readymades takes up the temporal limits of the exhibition format in order to temporarily introduce goods from Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus into the sovereign Republic of Cyprus. Following the procedures enumerated in European Council Regulation No. 866/2004, which establishes special rules for those areas of Cyprus “temporarily outside the area of freedom, justice and security,” the goods were accompanied by an exhibition catalogue “providing reasonable evidence” of their intended exhibition. After their mandatory exhibition period at the NeMe Arts Centre in Limassol (Republic of Cyprus), the objects were placed on long-term loan to S.N.K. Venus Home Developers Ltd (liquidated 2011) in Pyla, ...
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Using a network of microphones dispersed throughout a city, ShotSpotter triangulates the location of a gunshot by comparing the distance from its point of origin to the three closest microphones. ShotSpotter installs and maintains these systems themselves, renting access to local police departments. Besides real-time surveillance, the proprietary data which ShotSpotter collects is fed into the company’s machine learning dataset and spun off into predictive policing programs which police departments may also subscribe to. Given the fallibility of the system, the data is regularly retrofit by human analysts to substantiate the claims made by police officers in court. Chekhov’s Gun stars a ...

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