Joseph del Pesco

PublisherKadist Foundation2016
REPLACE WEB ADS WITH VISUAL ESSAYS BY ARTISTS. What is this art, visual essay thing? What is Addendum? Addendum is a series of visual essays curated by the Kadist Art Foundation. The essays are created by artists using images from archives they’re researching. How do I learn more about the art? A wonderful question. Check out Addendum. Why does the image look cropped? If the image doesn’t fit into a standard advertising banner size, it is cropped automatically by Add-Art. You’ll see a variety of details or whole images, depending on the page and ad size. Why am I seeing some ads? Add-Art works well, but it’s not ...
PublisherArtists Space2008
The YouTube Commentary Project invites artist to reflect on existing videos NY based artists Nina Katchadourian comments on a freehand drawing of a perfect circle
Raspberry Pi Ad-hoc Video Exhibition built on liblib and liblib-exhib for the Kadist Art Foundation. La Nube Oscura is a mobile video program of contemporary artworks, curated (and carried) by Joseph del Pesco. The program is accessed via wifi and viewed on whatever device you have with you: smartphone, laptop or tablet. The contents of the program continue to change and evolve, so log-in to see what’s currently on view. Please note that headphones are highly recommended for video viewing. There has been some confusion about a variety of new terms recently developed to help us understand parts of the internet that ...

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