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The reader presents a cross-section of the voices that populate the ongoing debate about, on the one hand, how and in what terms curating functions as a critical cultural practice, and on the other, what methodologies and histories exist with which we can critically analyse curatorial work today. This collection of essays was first published in 2007 by Revolver, in Frankfurt am Main and ICE, Institute for Curatorship and Education as the first ICE Reader…
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When we started a discourse on curating in 1998 with the conference “Curating Degree Zero,” we could not have imagined the intensity of interest in this subject in the coming years. In 2003 we wanted to re-examine the field together with Annette Schindler, but when we failed to organise enough funds, we changed the concept and concentrated on the archive, which originally should have just accompanied the symposium. This decision, half by chance and half out of a deeply felt interest in archival practices, proved to be valid, insofar that the archive grew and developed rapidly. Curating Degree Zero Archive ...
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This latest edition of presents seven interviews with curators who work primarily with the format of film and/or video. These interviews were all conducted in May 2009 during the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival. In the past years, there has been an increasing presence of film and video works in art exhibitions. Where does it come from, this growing predilection for a medium which is not particularly easy to present in an art show setting?…
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Recent years were marked by a growing interest in the forms and formats of presentations and exhibitions. In artistic production as well as in theoretical and historical reflection, the attention increasingly shifted towards how artistic practices are conferred with meaning through their presentation and mediation (from aspects of interior design or labeling, to questions of accessibility), and not only through the works themselves. Especially through examples of exhibitions or displays of museum collections, historical research analyzed the interplay of artistic works and their presentation, which ultimately aimed to connect art and its contextualization within a political sphere. Seminal contributions in ...
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This issue of the journal brings together contributions from an international group of art practitioners, curators and theorists exploring the relationship between performance and installation in the context of the contemporary art exhibition. Key amongst the concerns of the journal is the possibility for rethinking the static model of exhibition and exploring the way in which ‘performative’ approaches, adopted by artists and curators alike, can reframe the exhibition as an environment undergoing formal or relational transformation…
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Welcome to the first issue of the international web-journal, a new web-based publication focusing on curatorial practice and theory. The interest of all those involved in the journal, whether curators, lecturers, researchers or participants of curating programs is to create a platform for presentation, discussion and research about this growing area of knowledge. To expand the pool of those involved we aim to cooperate with different institutions and people for every new issue…

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