Jessamyn Fiore

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Blast from the Past theatricalizes found texts about the work of Gordon Matta-Clark and Robert Smithson, combining their words with contemporaneous interviews and articles to propose the genesis of two artworks Blast from the Past (1972–73) and Reality Properties: Fake Estates (1974) by Matta-Clark. The text is written by Jessamyn Fiore and commissioned for The Marienbad Sessions, a public event series produced as part of the exhibition Last Year at Marienbad redux. It is part two of a two-volume publication.
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Last Year at Marienbad redux takes the form of an expanded exhibition guide to communicate the visual continuities, subtle overlaps and conceptual intersections among the works of art, design and architecture experienced in the exhibition of the same title. This book is part one in a combined two-volume publication produced as part of the project.

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