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THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF SOCIAL CREATIVITY The book published by F/SUW in cooperation with MayFly Books gathers papers based on presentations at the conference Labour of the Multitudes? Political Economy of Social Creativity, organized in Warsaw in October 2011. It includes contributions by renowned thinkers and artists, including Luc Boltanski, Neil Cummings, Diedrich Diederichsen, Isabelle Graw, Massimiliano Tomba, Stevphen Shukaitis, and Martha Rosler, among many others. The title Joy Forever refers to the false promise of a common happiness, constantly played out by the proponents of the creative class and creative economy – the very promise that since Romanticism has been ascribed ...
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The general shift from manufacturing to services as a source of employment has effected also the field of visual art, changing the labour market for curators. Their position in the division of labour has become closer to the one of artists, in the sense becoming much more unstable, short term, flexible, and exploited. An important aspect of the new working conditions is the demand for physical and mental mobility. This is affecting both the curators with “steady” jobs whose working places and working hours are becoming fluid, and even more so the freelance curators who offer their services to a ...

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