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DRONE is the first issue to be published from the Unmanned, Architecture and Security Series research project and publication series. Drones are unmanned vehicles [UAV]. They are either remotely controlled or, increasingly, autonomously following a pre-programmed mission. Initially, they were developed for use in conflict situations, but the technology also lends itself to a variety of civic purposes, from urban surveillance to monitoring agricultural fields and poaching. UAVs can transport objects, from bombs to books and pizza boxes. In conflict situations they can be used for targeting and killing individuals, but also for providing medical assistance. Drones are cheap to produce and have ...
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This report compensates for what we believe is a shortage of impartial, basic, one-stop readings on the main drone points. It represents the culmination of what we have learned and taught over the past two years, presented in an accessible, straightforward way. Our hope is that the reader will gain a basic, comprehensive understanding of the key issues and, more importantly, a desire to keep learning about them. Understanding the drone is prerequisite to developing the right policies and attitudes to govern its use. And to understand the drone, it’s important to know its history, how it works, and how it’s ...

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