Mariam Ghani

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PublisherHatje Cantz2012
This title will be available soon. Afghanistan: A Lexicon uses the form of a lexicon to present a nonlinear narrative of twentieth- century Afghan history as a recursive loop of modernization attempts, revolts, collapses, and recoveries.The lexicon covers seventy-one terms, most illustrated by archival and original images, including: vocabulary unique to Afghan politics, like bi-tarafi, jirga, and nizamnamah; terms that have specific meanings or resonances in the Afghan context, like “infidel,” “martyr,” and spetsnaz; key players and places, from Bacha-i-Saqqao to Hizb-i-Islami and from the Bala Hissar to the Microrayan; and special entries on recurrent events and themes that form the ...
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PublisherNew Models2020
Artist and writer MARIAM GHANI and Editorial Director of Eyebeam, MARISA MAZRIA KATZ speak to New Models about Ghani’s new work Dis-Ease, a forthcoming essay-film that considers how the metaphors we use to speak about illness and contagion affect the ways in which we prepare and respond to epidemics and treat those afflicted and affected by them. This podcast is part of New Models’ series for TENTACULAR (Extremophilia edition), a “festival of critical technologies & digital adventures” curated by Julia Kaganskiy and José Luis de Vicente for Matadero Madrid, 2019. FOR MORE Dis-Ease (site): Dis-Ease (vid. excerpt):…re-of-journalism/ Mariam Ghani is an artist, writer, ...
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PublisherTriple Canopy2018
In “International Art English,” Alix Rule and David Levine describe the language of contemporary art by analyzing a corpus of press releases sent by e-flux, which is paid to do so by museums, biennials, publishers, and art fairs in order to reach a subscriber base of more than ninety thousand art professionals. The essay appeared in 2012 and soon surpassed the popularity of every other Triple Canopy publication. “International Art English” generated innumerable conversations about the relationship between language, legibility, and power in the art world: columns in the Guardian, polemics in e-flux’s online journal, debates at conferences for art ...
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PublisherSarai, CSDS2005
“This year, the Reader looks at ‘Acts’ – at instruments of legislation, at things within and outside the law, and at ‘acts’ – as different ways of ‘doing’ things in society and culture. Several essays echo and complement themes that have emerged in earlier readers. Piracy, borders, surveillance, claims to authority and entitlement, the language of expertise, the legal regulation of sexual behaviour and trespasses of various kinds have featured prominently in previous Readers. This collection foregrounds these issues in a way we hope can make a series of coherent but autonomous and interrelated arguments…”

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