Hannah Gregory

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PublisherSternberg Press2019
In Design by Accident, Alexandra Midal declares the autonomy of design, in and on its own terms. This meticulously researched work proposes not only a counterhistory but a new historiography of design, shedding light on overlooked historical landmarks and figures while reevaluating the legacies of design’s established luminaries from the nineteenth century to the present. Midal rejects both linear narratives of progress and the long-held perception of design as a footnote to the histories of fine art and architecture. By weaving critical analysis of the canon of design history and theory together, with special attention to the writings of designers ...
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THE REVENANTS is the ninth issue of a series of publications issued by Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam. Published as an accompaniment to the exhibition The Revenants at Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam (April 11 – June 21, 2015). This artist publication is signed and numbered in an edition of 250 by Moyra Davey.

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