Irene Grillo

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The symposium Institution as Medium. Curating as Institutional Critique?, organised by the Kunsthalle Fridericianum and the Zurich Postgraduate Program in Curating (Institute for Cultural Studies, Department of Cultural Analysis, Zurich University of the Arts), attracted an international audience to Kassel on 26 and 27 March 2010. The two-day discussion was opened with the provocative question in how far it is possible to exercise institutional critique by curating exhibitions…
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Welcome to the first issue of the international web-journal, a new web-based publication focusing on curatorial practice and theory. The interest of all those involved in the journal, whether curators, lecturers, researchers or participants of curating programs is to create a platform for presentation, discussion and research about this growing area of knowledge. To expand the pool of those involved we aim to cooperate with different institutions and people for every new issue…

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