Marc Handelman

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PublisherNorth Drive Press2005
Beginning with NDP#2, Susan Barber became the art director of North Drive Press. After initial discussions, the vinyl envelope was exchanged for a cardboard box that worked with both the loose-leaf ethos of NDP and more pragmatic concerns such as shelving and space to include more content, especially the myriad multiples created specifically for the project.
Cover art
Recess Presents Christine Sun Kim in conjunction with the Center for Experimental Lectures Feedback: (4-6 of 6) Seeing Voice The Seven-Tone Color Spectrum Recess in Soho 41 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013 March 15th: 7-9 pm March 16: 3-8 pm On March 15 & 16, Christine Sun Kim, in collaboration with the Center for Experimental Lectures, will initiate a conversation led by seven presenters, all of whom will give a lecture without using audible voice. This is the final event in Feedback, Sun Kim’s six-part Session at Recess. Throughout Feedback, Sun Kim, deaf since birth, has performed auditory investigations that initiate a slippage of audio into visual. Using non-vocal methods of ...

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