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In this episode John talks with Calla Henkel. She was born in 1988 in Minneapolis, MN, USA. A writer, playwright, director and artist, she currently lives and works in Berlin. She has staged plays at Volksbühne Berlin, The Whitney Museum of Art, as well as at New Theater, the experimental theatre space she founded and programmed in Berlin from 2013-2015. Her art writing has been published in periodicals such as Texte zur Kunst, Spike, Mousse, and others. Her artistic work with Max Pitegoff has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. She currently operates a bar, performance space and film ...
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Although it looks like it, == is not the catalogue of an exhibition. It is exactly the opposite, it is an independent project, conceived ahead of an exhibition. In fact, Matt Keegan has devised an exhibition from the publication, rather than the traditional reverse. Even more, an unlimited number of venues may be produced. Emphasizing the wall as a page, each one provides a temporary container for ==’s various parts, allowing Matt Keegan to act as the protagonist for the fictive curatorial project.
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PublisherEqual Equal2015
A publication is a time capsule & transmitter from here to there, from you to me. Working from this basic statement: how has your work changed since your 2012 or 2015 contribution to ==? This question and timeline could be rephrased as: How has your life & work changed in the wake of Brexit, Trump’s presidency, and the move to the right in Europe. (The majority of contributors are based in the US and this prompt is not intended to romanticize Obama’s presidency or deny repressive administrations that have come before). It is not necessary to root your response in the 1st person, ...
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PublisherNew Models2022
Calla Henkel — one half of the artist duo, with Max Pitegoff, behind Berlin’s Times Bar, the New Theater, and currently TV Bar; as well as author of the “thrilling” (Cosmopolitan), “darkly glamorous” (The Stylist) debut novel, Other People’s Clothes (Sceptre, Doubleday, 2021) — talks to NM about scene-creation, image recuperation, and the post-2006 evolution of Berlin’s culture sector. Plus: self-mythologizing, LA lobotomizing, and the cringe self-help book secretly powering Berlin’s writing renaissance.

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