Brook Hsu

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PublisherThe Club2019
“Defacement” introduces twelve contemporary artists, and presents them in context alongside the “Situationist International,” an intellectual, social and artistic organization active from 1957-1972 which included Asger Jorn and Guy Debord. The Situationists aimed to critique the evolving mass-consumerist society resulting from the globalizing force of capitalism. At the core of the exhibition is a re-reading of the strategy détournement, specifically interpreting the concept of defacement. The exhibition includes painter Jacqueline de Jong, who was one of the original members of “Situationist International,” Andy Warhol, whose use of repetition negated the concept of preciousness and posed a question to our conception ...
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PublisherUntitled Radio2019
This episode features a panel that was broadcast live from San Francisco’s The Battery on November 7, 2018. The panel –hosted by Untitled Art’s curator of Special Projects and Books & Editions, Juana Berrío– invites Robin Wright (co-founder, RITE Editions), Margaret Tedesco (founder, 2nd floor projects), and Vee Moran (co-founder, Owl Cave Books) to join in conversation about books that were created within the context of art. The episode also features a reading of Virginia Woolf by artist and bookmaker Brook Hsu.

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