Elise Misao Hunchuck

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PublisherThe Avery Review2021
Alexander Arroyo replots the playmaking of American empire through a global race war game; Émélie Desrochers-Turgeon thaws settler colonial earth-writing in the Arctic; Elise Misao Hunchuck, Marco Ferrari & Jingru (Cyan) Cheng orbit China’s Sky River Project to tell a different hydro-geographic story; and V. Mitch McEwen reads the middle in Keller Easterling’s Medium Design in order to work on an antiBlack world.
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We have decided that the key notion emerging from this collection of texts should be political usefulness. Much more than convincing a liberal audience of the urgency of the political struggles showcased throughout these pages, our number one ambition consists in producing something useful, if not operative, for those who are fighting “on the ground.” This is why we tested this notion of usefulness by inviting twenty regular readers (many of whom are also contributors) of The Funambulist to pick one text in our first 22 issues that appears to them as being particularly politically useful, and to explain it ...

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