Steffani Jemison

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Over the course of a year, Shifter hosted a series of public discussions, each concentrated on unraveling a keyword – a term that carries with it both a sense of urgency and agency in our present climate. By inviting artists, writers, activists, philosophers and others to propose terms and lead discussions, we opened up our editorial process to the motivations of others. The yearlong series culminates in Shifter’s 22nd issue Dictionary of the Possible. This dictionary catalogs the keywords taken up for discussion over the course of a year, accompanied by a list of questions provoked during each discussion. Rather ...
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PublisherPaper Monument2009
The first small book from Paper Monument, originally published in 2009 and now in its sixth printing. Features contributions from thirty-eight artists, critics, curators, and dealers on the sometimes serious and sometimes ridiculous topic of manners in the art world.
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PublisherTriple Canopy2020
“As if all bodies are neutral—of equal value. As if all movements are available to all people at all times.” An artist and a performer exercise mime and mimicry to speak and be heard without language, to know and be known by the world, to pass information from body to body to body. A script, a video of rehearsals, and a series of illustrations.

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