Bogna Konior

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“The dark forest theory generalizes on a cosmic level the entropic nature of communication. Its trees grow roots everywhere. We patrol the forest, listening for each other’s steps, all of us hunter and prey… In this forest, one better stay silent or prepare for conflict.”
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The word “geography” literally means “writing the Earth,” and the short pieces collected in this volume represent a wide variety of ways in which this can be accomplished. Each one, in its own way, is a testament to the miraculous coherence which can crystallize within incoherence.
Cover art
In this PlaguePod we try to look away from the dying embers of the West. Guests in to discuss differing responses to the coronavirus crisis, sinofuturism, and post-soviet accelerationism include Bogna Konior (Hong Kong), Vince Garton (London), Dino Ge Zhang (Wuhan, just out of quarantine), Gabriele de Seta (Taipei/Italy), Amy Ireland (Sydney), and Brandon Cheong (Singapore). Plus the Reza Remix Competition!

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