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Inspired by the scholars, activists, and everyday citizens who spoke out, marched, and protested against police killings of African-Americans, we present this collection of short essays that put Black lives at the center of our thinking about architecture and its history. Note to new readers: This project was published in early 2015, as a rapid response to the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement. These articles are (sadly) sill relevant, and we hope they will be useful. We also wanted to direct readers to more recent texts that address the intersections of race, space, and activism.
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Many international firms headquartered in major financial districts play a key part in funding industries responsible for climate change and environmental degradation—such as palm oil plantations, deep-sea drilling, and tar sands mining. In the public imaginary, these activities are often thought of as problems unfolding in far-flung landscapes. This project highlights how they also take place within a planetary-scale market landscape at the centres of our cities. Market Landscape is an investigation into the urban ecologies of two major financial districts: Hong Kong’s Central District and London’s Canary Wharf. Entangled by histories of empire stretching from the early stages of industrial ...

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