Prem Krishnamurthy

dos focuses on conversations in, about, and with exhibitions. dos commissions and edits conversations between two visitors to an exhibition to emphasize subjective experience and meaning-making at large. dos conversations can be streamed, followed as an RSS feed, or accessed as a podcast. dos conjures their listeners as eavesdroppers and vicarious visitors who experience exhibitions on their own time, partaking in a continuum of physical experience and shared interpersonal thinking.  
PublisherA.I.R. Gallery2019
It’s funny because here we are talking about listening and four out of six people around me are wearing headphones, curating their own sound environment and blocking out others. Those parties where everyone dances and listens to the same music on wireless headphones is the closest to being “in it,” together. Plus, none of the neighbors call the cops. • Empathy is a term that appears in theories of the psychology of art, according to which visual art can make the general public experience emotions. Following this school of thought, art appreciation is not a matter of reason but of feeling. This ...
An exquisite corps text by Sara Nadal, Dushko Petrovich, Prem Krishnamurthy and Rivet. Made as third component of Hitting it off. Supported by ICI. (winter 2014)
Prem Krishnamurthy is a designer, curator, and writer. He is a founding principle, with Adam Michaels, of the New York design studio Project Projects and founder and curator of P!, an experimental exhibition space in New York’s Chinatown. Additionally, Prem is an editor for the art journal Paper Monument and on the board of directors for Triple Canopy. In August, I visited Project Projects’s office to talk with Prem about these range of projects. Over the course of the conversation, we talk about the relationship between design and writing, the role of authorship, the false divide between form and content, ...
PublisherUntitled Radio2018
From the archives of Untitled, Radio, this episode explores our relationship with travel and what it means to experience an “other”. This episode features artists, musicians, writers including Meriem Bennani, Marina Reyes Franco, Hector Arce Espasas, Sara Ludy, Sadria Baniasadi, Prem Krishnamurthy and Maayann Strauss, Mera and Don Rubell, Andy Rappaport, William S Smith, as well as an original score by Celia Hollander.

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