Taha Mehmood

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Precariousness increasingly defines the conditions, under which people in all different fields pursue their work. Yet it is not only work, but also living conditions that have become precarious for more and more extensive portions of the European population. The present edition of the republicart web journal deals with more recent attempts to counter non-self-determined precariousness with the means of art and activism, bringing a self-determined turn to the term. In the practices of the Precarias a la Deriva in Madrid, the Glücklichen Arbeitslosen in Berlin, the French Intermittents, the May Day Parades in Barcelona and Milan, or the Italian ...
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PublisherSarai, CSDS2005
“This year, the Reader looks at ‘Acts’ – at instruments of legislation, at things within and outside the law, and at ‘acts’ – as different ways of ‘doing’ things in society and culture. Several essays echo and complement themes that have emerged in earlier readers. Piracy, borders, surveillance, claims to authority and entitlement, the language of expertise, the legal regulation of sexual behaviour and trespasses of various kinds have featured prominently in previous Readers. This collection foregrounds these issues in a way we hope can make a series of coherent but autonomous and interrelated arguments…”
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PublisherSarai, CSDS2007
Frontiers considers limits, edges, borders and margins of all kinds as the sites for declarations, occasions for conversation, arguments, debates, recounting and reflection. Our book suggests that you consider the frontier as the skin of our time and our world, and we invite you to get under the skin of contemporary experience in order to generate a series of crucial (and frequently unsettling) narrative and analytical possibilities. For us, the frontier is a threshold waiting to be crossed, a space rife with the seductive aura of transgression. We are not talking only of actual, physical borders (though of course we are ...

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