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What is BitchCoin? BitchCoin is a digital currency backed by the photography of Sarah Meyohas at a fixed exchange rate of 1 BitchCoin to 25 square inches of photographic print. This rate of exchange will not change, even if the value of the photography increases. As her work changes in value over time, so will the relative value of BitchCoin. How did BitchCoin get started? BitchCoin is the focus of “Where 6,” an exhibition on prediction at Where, a gallery and publishing house headquartered in a shipping container in Brooklyn. Where invited Sarah Meyohas to “mine” her coins in the gallery and design ...
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On this special episode of Hidden Noise, we are presenting you with recordings from Digital de Suite, a symposium on blockchain and the arts held during Frieze New York in May 2018. Part 1 We begin with an introduction by Even’s editor Jason Farago, who spoke to the live audience about why a print magazine would care about blockchain. Then artist Sarah Meyohas discusses her Bitchcoin project and subsequent use of blockchain technologies in her practice. And finally, we present a panel discussion with artists Sarah Meyohas and Artie Vierkant, alongside Hugo Liu from Artsy and Kevin McCoy from Monegraph, moderated by Triple ...
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Where 6: “Prediction,” with Sarah Meyohas Bitch Coin Release Party: Sunday, February 15th, 2015 8pm Trinity Place, 115 Broadway, New York, NY We rarely have an opportunity to invite our colleagues to as well-appointed an affair as will transpire on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 15 at Trinity Place in Lower Manhattan. This turn-of-the-century bank can easily be navigated by the landmark of Zucotti Park across the street. Our splendid event celebrates the launch of “BitchCoin,” a digital currency developed with Sarah Meyohas, a young artist who, fresh out of Wharton Business School, headed straight into Yale’s MFA program. BitchCoins can be bought online with ...

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