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PublisherLibrary Stack2018
A conversation between Library Stack and Léopold Lambert, a French publisher, editor, writer, theorist, podcaster and researcher working under the name The Funambulist. Lambert started The Funambulist as a blog, while working at an architecture firm, but its expanding publication activities over the past five years have turned it into his full time job. Lambert’s podcast series, and a few of his books, are archived in Library Stack’s database, and his diverse output has been inspiring. This conversation ranged across his work as a publisher, his practice as an experimental cartographer, and his current research into the spatial history of ...
PublisherLibrary Stack2018
A conversation between Library Stack and Sam Hardy, a British archaeologist who tracks the black market trade in illicit antiquities. Working from London and Rome, Hardy studies Conflict Antiquities: that’s everything from the looting of ancient objects at unguarded archaeological sites, to thefts from national museum collections, to the anonymous finds of amateurs with metal detectors. Library Stack got in touch with Sam to learn more about his work, and about how this global trade cuts across contemporary politics. Sam spoke at length about how the presumed cultural right to understand the past sometimes pushes against the implicit human right ...

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