Larissa Pham

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PublisherUntitled Radio2016
This program originally aired on, Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 4pm EST, live from the Untitled art fair in Miami Beach. — A young Asian woman’s life at Yale takes a dizzying turn when she meets Dolores—her doppelgänger—at a party. As they begin to merge into each other’s social and sexual worlds, it becomes impossible to tell where one girl ends and the other begins. When Dolores’ boyfriend and his twin brother enter into this pas de deux, identities and couplings spin off into a sinister and perverse web of illusions. Fantasian is Single White Female for the dawn of a ...
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PublisherTalk is Cheap2020
In this weeks episode I talk to the great writer and artist Larissa Pham. Larissa writes for, among others, The Nation and The Paris Review. She’s also written a novella “Fantasian, a New Lovers” published by Paul Chan’s imprint, Badlands Unlimited and is soon coming out with what she calls a mixtape of personal writing and essays, “How to Run Away” to be published by Catapult. Here we get into her thoughts on the rise and need for the personal in writing and when it goes too far, how art helps the artist to both express and disguise personal vulnerability, ...

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