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PublisherSeth Price2003-2005
I published the essay under these various titles: “Was ist Los”, “Decor Holes”, “Akademische Graffiti”, “Depletion”, “Unique Source/All Natural Suicide Gang.” The text was written between 2003 and 2005 but updated and retitled for different contexts.
PublisherSeth Price2002-
“One of the ways in which the Conceptual project in art has been most successful is in claiming new territory for practice. It’s a tendency that’s been almost too successful: today it seems that most of the work in the international art system positions itself as Conceptual to some degree, yielding the “Conceptual painter,” the “DJ and Conceptual artist,” or the “Conceptual web artist.” Let’s put aside the question of what makes a work Conceptual, recognizing, with some resignation, that the term can only gesture toward a thirty year-old historical moment. But it can’t be rejected entirely, as it has ...
PublisherKoenig Books2014
Based on a project at Documenta 13, this publication presents new multimedia works by New York artist Seth Price (born 1973) that meditate on today’s material (fabric) culture. Folklore U.S. includes paintings on plywood, vacuum-formed rope paintings and cloth sculptures fabricated in NYC’s garment district.
PublisherSeth Price2008
For a Friend (Excerpt), 2007-2008 To accompany the audio piece “8-4, 9-5, 10-6, 11-7” (2007)
PublisherSeth Price2004
A meal in three courses, by Martha Rosler, 1985 by Seth Price, 2004
Showing together in Europe now for the second time, Wade Guyton, Seth Price, Josh Smith and Kelley Walker may not be the New Yorkiest band in the world, but if they were this would be their second album. Let’s call them fellow travelers and assume their grouping is at least partly a European construction. It’s their packaging and touring as Guyton, Price, Walker, Smith that allows for the production of something like a New York moment in the Kunsthalle and wherever such moments are in demand. And it could be that the objects and images on view here are not ...
PublisherThe Leopard Press2008
I’m like a person who makes things. You do it one after another, unending. It goes on for such a long time: something new, and something else, and something something. Here come a lot of different varieties of strategies and arrangements, all interesting, all interlocking, mutatis mutandis. Such a lot of things!
The exhibition “In the Heart of the Country” is the first comprehensive presentation of the international collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. In a relatively short time—the Museum was established in 2005—the institution has acquired over 300 works. First and foremost, these are works purchased as part of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s “International Collections of Contemporary Art” programme, as well as donations and temporary loans from artists, private individuals and businesses. Many of the collected works were commissioned by the Museum for its exhibitions and public projects (such as pieces by artists like Sanja Iveković, Zbigniew ...
PublisherAir de Paris2005
NEW YORK TWICE: AIR DE PARIS, PARIS May 28–June 25, 2005 and June 28–July 24, 2005 Wade Guyton, Mai-Thu Perret, Seth Price, Josh Smith, Kelley Walker Curator: Fabrice Stroun Xerox: edited by Bettina Funcke
PublisherNorth Drive Press2005
Since 2004 North Drive Press has provided hundreds of artists and arts practitioners with the opportunity to produce and cheaply distribute new works in multiple form. The annual publication has included 7″ records, posters, books, ready-mades, soap, temporary tattoos, photographs, perfume, and more. Interviews and texts—a core part of the project—are conversational, experimental, and available on our website for free download. Beginning with NDP#2, Susan Barber became the art director of North Drive Press. After initial discussions, the vinyl envelope was exchanged for a cardboard box that worked with both the loose-leaf ethos of NDP and more pragmatic concerns such as shelving and space to include more ...
amorphous interrogation– “How’s it going?” Corruption Shoddy construction The work cannot sustain it- self. It remains in a borderline state. Like anagrams- signifying to the maximum, signifying nothing “It certainly is true that the public still enjoys art, maybe more so than ever before, as there is greater awareness”: What is an enjoyment emancipated from exchange value- Find a person who cannot speak
PublisherOnestar Press2003
A tremendous sadness that life is the way it is and not some other way.
You know how when you read some article, the first sentence is always basically like, “On a Sunday morning in 2002, researcher Robert Jarvik arrived at work, swinging his green Subaru Outback into a parking spot at Los Alamos Labs”? And your point is … When they talk about the date in, like, the first sentence? Call me crazy, but I’m officially obsessed with this. It’s some whole thing, like, “You must now start your shit like this, or else.” Or is it just me. No, yeah, totally. And then you go all boring on their ass, like, “The early 20th century saw ...
PublisherKoenig Books2016
New York–based artist Seth Price (born 1973) deploys a variety of media—sculpture, video and written text—to explore themes of cultural production and distribution of information through appropriation and repurposing. This compilation presents 120 of Price’s rarely seen preliminary sketches and drawings.
What would it mean to give this optical instrument another metaphoric turn? One wonders whether it is the artist himself who is attempting some escape. And as a matter of fact, false trails and forked paths weave throughout Price’s practice as he seeks both to mirror and inhabit the circulatory and distributive systems of his own time. Even this signature text, Dispersion—devoted as it is to an extended contemplation of contemporary information technologies as they provide artists with a new context (or “scape”)—never remains totally the same. Rather, the artist continually returns to it, revising it, adding or subtracting ideas—always ...
PublisherKoenig Books2017
Social Synthetic is the first comprehensive publication on the varied oeuvre of Seth Price (born 1973). How can art explore the self under technological pressure? In Price’s work, this is often expressed in terms of the “skins” of surface, packaging and wrapping: he has made photographic studies of a person’s skin obtained through the technologies Google employs for mapping, vacuum-formed plastic reliefs presenting a body part stranded in plastic and large wall sculptures depicting the negative space between two people engaged in intimate action, greatly enlarged from a tiny internet jpeg. Price’s work offers a fascinating engagement with our technologically ...
PublisherSeth Price2004
Seth Price: “Sister Ray,” 2004, feat. Fia Backstrom. from Seth Price on Vimeo. I made the music in 2002. A Sequential Circuits and a Korg. In ’04 I recorded Fia Backström singing some lyrics adapted from the song ‘Sister Ray,’ cut up her vocals and added them to the track in a way that sounded OK. That was supposedly for a Reena Spaulings record, but it never made the cut. Added it to the Army Jacket LP when I reissued it.
PublisherSeth Price2009
Teen Image, essay by Seth Price, 2009
PublishersOoga BoogaSeth Price2016
A short book produced to accompany Seth Price’s Wrok Fmaily Freidns exhibition at 356 Mission in L.A.

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