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PublisherNat Pyper2018
G.B. JONES is an artist, filmmaker, and musician with a bone to pick. In the early 80s Jones co-founded the post-punk proto-riot grrrl band Fifth Column and in 1985 started publishing the queer punk zine J.D.s with co-conspirator Bruce LaBruce out of their rundown apartment in downtown Toronto. The zine’s inaugural issue featured the debut of her legendary TOM GIRLS series. Her drawings continue to be exhibited worldwide. Jones’ “no-budget” films often depict the hijinks of bad-mannered girl gangs, homo hustlers, and anarchist mischief-makers. This font is based on the title sequence of her 2008 film THE LOLLIPOP GENERATION. Jones’ matter-of-fact ...
PublisherNat Pyper2017
IO is a font made using only two units: a straight line and a curved line. “All the capital letters of the alphabet may be written using several basic strokes, straight and curved, common to each letter,” said Bruno Munari. This title was included in Library Stack as part of the collection Open Font License, by Bryce Wilner.
PublisherNat Pyper2018
MARTIN WONG painted the world in bricks, sweat, and sign language. He moved to New York City in 1978 and his work often depicted the urban blight of that time while being singularly saturated with deeply humanist joy. Wong was an “outsider among outsiders”: as a gay Chino-Latino painter, he sidestepped the detached conceptualism of many of his contemporaries in favor of social realist tributes to the gritty ecstasy of city life, homoerotics of prison and firemen, the voyeuristic nature of language, and queer black and brown love. Wong died from AIDS-related causes while in the care of his parents ...
PublisherNat Pyper2018
Robert Ford published THING from 1989 through 1993, a zine that he described as a “black gay and lesbian underground arts journal and magazine kind of thing.” The Chicago-based publication foregrounded queer black and brown DJs, drag queens, artists, poets, and filmmakers. THING proudly proclaimed on its masthead “She Knows Who She Is.” In 1994, Ford died from complications related to AIDS. This typeface is dedicated to his memory. The letterforms replicate various text treatments used by Ford and his collaborators across several issues. This font was commissioned by Earth Angel, a Milwaukee-based club night, in June of 2018. It is ...
PublisherNat Pyper2020
The WOMEN’S CAR REPAIR COLLECTIVE was one of several initiatives organized by the Lesbian Alliance of St. Louis, Missouri, in the early 1970s. The collective was a “service by and for women” that offered repairs of foreign and American cars, workshops, and rentals of garage space, books, and tools. The Lesbian Alliance, formed in 1972, also opened a coffee house, offered counseling and legal services, and published a lesbian-feminist newsletter called MOONSTORM through their imprint Tiamat Press. In a 1973 issue of the local independent radical newspaper THE BRIDGE, the collective wrote that “we must create our own lesbian-identified structures.” This ...

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