Bhob Rainey

Cover art
PublisherLateral Addition2019
The audio comprises two realizations of These are They, locally by Bhob Rainey and externally by Eric Laska. Rainey’s realization includes material contributions from Chris Cooper, Ernst Karel, Leila Bordreuil, James Ilgenfritz, Kate Czajkowski, Matt Mitchell, Andie Springer, Carrie Frey, Vasko Dukovski, MinKyung Ji, Gibi ASMR, GentleWhispering, Creative Calm, and Unintentional ASMR. Both realizations were produced autonomously by the software. EL: You describe “These are They” as an algorithmic “machine.” Did you conceive the project as a way for other artists to re-arrange and manipulate their original audio? BR: First, I should mention “machine”. The README file where that description appears isn’t ...

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