Elif Saydam

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Warning: I go full Oprah in this one! For the penultimate in the corona-time series of socially distanced podcast-readings, I chat with artist Elif Saydam. Saydam is a painter and writer, and has worked with Broken Dimanche Press in the past, most notably for a book and project for Berlin Art Week 2019 together with Vera Palme. The week after the podcast recording, they opened a show of new paintings at Tanya Leighton Gallery. They’ve contributed the mind-blowing online memory game Déjà Vu to Tropez’s online summer exhibition REALITY. The conversation swirls around the practice of painting, writing and features some reading of ...
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The British one-hit wonder Richard Sanderson is best known for singing about love, a kind of love constructed only for half way strangers, imaginations that he projects onto a single person. She could be everything! She could be the real fantasy. He could live in his dreams, so dreams could become reality, he wants the dream to be true so badly, he searches for the reality in it, he dissects it, he rethinks it, and he searches after it where he knows that it’ll be found. In it he sees only what confirms his search, the reality of it becomes ...

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