Sam Sfirri

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PublisherLateral Addition2021
Program Preludes, I-IV (0:00-2:56) I. Prelude I II. Prelude I III. Prelude I IV. Prelude I Fantasia 1 & 2 (2:57-4:31) Toccata, I-II (4:32-7:22) I. “Standard-speed” II. “Half-speed” Fretless piano three hands (7:23-10:06) Fretless piano eight hands (10:07-11:32) Tuning break Finale (selected variations) (12:32-14:13)
Cover art
PublisherGauss PDF2013
Venue1 Player2 Score material a3 Score material b4 Score material c5 Score material d6 Venue location is established7 Performance a8 where player uses score material a and c…

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