Michael Snow

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In the 1971 experimental landscape film, La Région Centrale, atop a remote mountain in North Quebec, artist Michael Snow shot his footage with a camera attached to a robotic arm programmed to never rotate the same way twice. The result of the camera’s programatic movement oscillates between moments of representation and abstraction, overwhelming the viewer’s everyday sense of landscape with a cosmic and non-human perspective of space and time. La Région Decentralized is an infinite, self-playing video game remix of Snow’s seminal film by new media artist Rick Silva. In this piece, Silva digitally recreates the setting of the original film within a ...
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Michael Snow traces the dualistic structure of his work to his Canadian upbringing between two cultures—English and French—and his early awareness of the different qualities of sight and sound, learned from his parents. Having studied at the Ontario College of Art in his native Toronto, he travelled in Europe in the 1950s and lived in New York in the 1960s. Snow’s contributions to three spheres of cultural activity—visual art, experimental film, and music—have been recognized internationally.
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Open Hearing is a monumental collection of statements originally published in the wake of the first public meeting of the Art Workers’ Coalition (AWC), at the School of Visual Arts in New York on April 10, 1969. The meeting was billed as “an open public hearing […] regarding museum reform” and the establishment of a program for the AWC, in which any and all art workers were invited to “testify.” It was a consummation of the group’s inception that January, in which the urgency of its foundational concerns and its potency as a rallying point for diverse critical voices were ...

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