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Curated by Valentina Tanni, Eternal September: The Rise of Amateur Culture is a group exhibition that explores the relationship between professional art making and the rising of amateur cultural movements through the web, an historical event that is triggering a big and fascinating shift in every field of culture, especially visual culture. The show includes the works of 15 authors (professionals and amateurs) and a series of special projects and collateral events taking place both offline and online.
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PublisherLink Editions2011
This book came unexpected. It appeared suddenly, just like necessities do. Like all unexpected things, it has an uneven form, and its contents are far from linear. More than a book, it’s a record, an historical document. It brings together a series of heterogeneous texts written during ten years of study, research and dissemination. Along the last ten years, Random Magazine established itself as the main editorial platform for net art and new media art in Italy. A small percentage of the material you can find on the website is represented in this book. But why put ink on paper all ...

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