Alexander Tarakhovsky

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In this anthology, edited by Fiktion’s cofounder Ingo Niermann, nineteen writers and researchers address a fiercely contested commodity in digital society: concentration. Ingeborg Harms, Quinn Latimer, Arthur Jacobs, and Raoul Schrott write about the circumstances under which a text or activity can completely draw us into its spell, Dirk Baecker and Amy Patton about a shifting concentration, Jenna Sutela and Elvia Wilk about one that carries us into the spherical, Charis Conn about concentration violently induced; Nina Bußmann writes about the uncertainty as to whether she is currently concentrating or distracting herself; Sophie Jung, Emily Segal, and Alexander Tarakhovsky make ...
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We can’t exist beyond nature but science can? Now that we’re doomed, can we at least free science from us? Is the era of a true, posthuman science about to begin or will science be destroyed by our vain efforts to save ourselves? Listen to Chus Martínez in conversation with marine scientist Marzia Rovere and geneticist Alexander Tarakhovsky.

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